Geo-Political Analysis and Consultation:

The SOCINT Institute provides geo-political analysis and consultation for persons/organizations actively seeking assistance in their campaign and or strategic planning support. The SOCINT Institute does not formulate campaign strategies/strategic plans; rather, we provide much needed and often deprived sociocultural intelligence insight into your pre-existing strategy. This support is unique and one of a kind as our methodologies stems from national security and business intelligence practices identifying and understanding the political, military, economic, social, infrastructure and information atmospherics of key areas of interest/influence. With a fundamental understanding of the key social and cultural atmospherics, organizations incorporating SOCINT have a cutting edge over their competitors.

SOCINT Training and Pre-Deployment Needs:

Those who have traveled abroad know and understand the threats stemming from active insurgents, terrorists, and criminal entities. Seldom do we acknowledge the threat which can be instigated from non-criminally active local indigenous persons. All persons have psychological triggers which can erupt simply due to misunderstandings along with social and cultural ignorance. The SOCINT Institute has formulated training methodologies for organizations seeking operational success. Operational success can mean numerous things. From a sociocultural perspective, operational success means that individuals/organizations identify and understand human systems and networks for influence, persuasion, and possibly manipulation which will ultimately reach their overall goals and desired end states. The SOCINT Institute has broken down training platforms into six key methodologies and two practical exercises. Each practical exercise is intended for pre-training and post-training ensuring students are capable of incorporating SOCINT into their intelligence collection and analysis. The six topics of training constitute Counterinsurgency from an adversary’s doctrinal perspective, Cognitive Thinking and Analysis for Sociocultural Intelligence, Collection and Tradecraft methodologies for SOCINT, Sociocultural Intelligence Operations, Ethics in SOCINT, and Country Specific Training. For more information, please click here:

Academia Consultation and Curriculum Development:

Since the horrific terrorist attacks on 9-11, the United States along with the rest of the free world has never witnessed the magnitude of National Security Study initiatives within academia. Colleges and universities within the United States have utilized the atrocities of 9-11 to implement programs of study for students with desires entering the fields of National Security and Intelligence. The SOCINT Institute has exceptional experience working with multiple institutions that have captured business opportunities formulating National Security and Intelligence studies.  Not only can the SOCINT Institute create courses of study related to the National Security and Intelligence domains, we will also assist in the creation of sound and executable strategic plans to assist in timely execution of such programs.