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Country Threat Briefs:

The SOCINT Institute has world class, unclassified and fully analyzed country threat briefs available for purchase. Our Country Threat Briefs are not simplified regurgitation of pre-existing data rather, they are fully analyzed living documents comprising of: country background information, political structures, civil unrest, endemic diseases/ novel & re-emerging infectious diseases, biological hazards, cultural beliefs, religious and ethnic conflict, crime and terror, and a detailed analysis and recommendations filled with geospatial analysis maps and charts. We are working diligently to continue our goals in establishing a country specific sociocultural intelligence data bank. To date, we have the following country threat reports created:







Democratic Republic of the Congo

At this time, we are working on building a regional brief for the “Tri-Border Region” in South America. We are also creating a country brief for Mexico.  If you would like a pre-existing Country Threat Brief, please contact us. If you have a specific country threat brief which we currently do not have on file, or you would like a customized brief to suit your specific needs, we ask that you contact us as we would be more than willing to assist you and or your organization to build such a living document.

NOTE: All copies will be mailed to a physical address and will not be electronically transferred. Our country threat briefs cost $120.00 each or $300.00 for three briefs saving you $60.00. We are willing to work with you and your organization on an individual basis for urgent needs requiring electronic transfers of such documents based upon a mutually agreed upon cost analysis.